Walter Greenwood

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THE CURE FOR LOVE by Walter Greenwood

Comedy. M5 F6 2 Interiors.

CHARLES FOX: A diminutive racing tout. TED MUNTER: local bookie. JACK HARDACRE: big, easy-going but firm; 25. HARRY LANCASTER: a publican, paunchy, hard-headed; 50s. JOE TRUMAN: good-looking; 25. MILLY SOUTHERN: a Londoner, attractive, brash; 22. MRS JENKINS: parochial, unpleasant; middle-aged. JANEY JENKINS: predatory, whining; young. SARAH HARDACRE: rough-tongued, inexhaustibly energetic; middle-aged. BARMAID: Mrs DOBELL: an old crone.

JACK HARDACRE comes home on leave after three years in the army overseas to find MILLY, a pretty Londoner, billeted with his mother. He is immediately attracted, but becomes increasingly wretched because he has been trapped into an engagement by JANEY JENKINS. JANEY, strongly supported by her mother, is determined to hold him to it. JACK must also contend with MILLY'S other admirer, JOE TRUMAN. Half distracted, JACK asks beery old MRS DORBELL for a cure for love. She tells him - get married! Finally, at the height of a furious argument with JOE, JANEY and MRS JENKINS, JACK abruptly announces that the child MILLY is obviously carrying is his - he has found his cure for love in a 'fait accompli'. Period: Second World War.


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