Kenneth Horne

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TWO DOZEN RED ROSES by Kenneth Horne, adapted from the Italian by Aldo de Benedetti.

Comedy 3M 2F l set.

The mainspring of this plot is a wife's mistake in thinking that the present of a magnificent bunch of roses comes from an unknown admirer, when in fact they have been sent by her husband. The complications that ensue are diverting, the twists ingenious and the dialogue witty. The ending, although happy, is quite unexpected.

A PUBLIC MISCHIEF by Kenneth Horne

Comedy 4M 4F l set

Temporarily disenchanted with her husband, NICHOLAS, BRIDGET is persuaded into running away with MARK. But MARK has expectations from a rich, fearsome aunt and cannot afford scandal, so arranges for BRIDGET'S disappearance to look like a bathing accident. At first, the police seem to be taken in this but the added disappearance of NICHOLAS who has set off from his flat to find BRIDGET, leads them to suspect him of BRIDGET'S murder and a national manhunt ensues. Meanwhile, NICHOLAS has traced BRIDGET to a guesthouse in Bath where the aunt lives. Much of the comedy stems from the situation which is created when NICHOLAS takes a room under a false name and settles down to recover his wife. KENNETH HORNE is a master of light comedy and this play is one of his most entertaining.

AND THIS WAS ODD by Kenneth Horne

Comedy 3M 7F l set

The plot of this unusual comedy centres around a mother's astonishing discovery that the effect of a prescribed sleeping draught is to make her mind and spirit slip away from her body. She uses this 'gift' to solve many of her family problems and at the same time provide herself with a little harmless fun. One of the author's most endearing efforts.


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