Jeremy Lloyd

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Jeremy Lloyd was born in London, the son of an army colonel and a dancing Tiller girl. He left school early and did a number of dead-end jobs. At age 23 he successfully submitted a story to Pinewood Film Studios. It was turned into a film called WHAT A WHOPPER starring Adam Faith.
This helped Lloyd to get work in television and he wrote for several successful BBC shows including the children’s show CRACKERJACK and THE BILLY COTTON BAND SHOW. Appearing in the latter as an upper class twit led to his being offered his first film role in THE SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS. He then appeared in THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES, DOCTOR IN CLOVER, MAN IN THE MOON, WE JOINED THE NAVY, A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON and THE LIQUIDATOR plus television roles in THE AVENGERS, AFTERNOON OF A NYMPH and others. At the same time he continued writing, contributing ninety episodes to THE DICKIE HENDERSON SHOW.
He also appeared for three years as Captain Cook in the musical ROBERT AND ELIZABETH and used some of his spare time to write poems about animals. Keith Michell offered to illustrate them and thus was born the best-selling children’s book, CAPTAIN BEAKY AND HIS BAND.
Soon afterwards Harold Robbins invited him to Hollywood to work on a major film project, but he missed his fiancée Charlotte Rampling too much and returned to England to play in a version of THE FOUR MUSKETEERS at Drury Lane. However, he was agin invited to Hollywood to appear in and write for ROWAN AND MARTIN’S LAUGH IN, with Goldie Hawn.
On returning to the UK, he became married for a short time to Joanna Lumley and they played a couple in the television sitcom called IT’S AWFULLY BAD FOR YOUR EYES DARLING. She suggested to him that he should write a TV show based on one of his many jobs and he chose his time as a suit salesman at Simpson’s of Piccadilly (now gone). ARE YOU BEING SERVED was co-written with David Croft, which proved to be one of Britain’s most successful television exports.
In the 1980s, Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft wrote another sitcom 'ALLO, 'ALLO, which was a tremendous hit and ran for 9 years.
Other work has included OH HAPPY BAND and COME BACK MRS NOAH, work on a detective series, WHODUNIT, books including THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN DANGERFIELD, and CAPTAIN CAT AND THE CAROL SINGERS.

BUSINESS AFFAIRS by John Chapman and Jeremy Lloyd

Two northern businessmen book a London hotel suite, hoping to sell their trucking firm to foreign buyers for two million pounds. To help the deal along they book two ladies of the night to keep the buyers happy. When their wives pop in to wish them luck, they find out about the girls and are outraged – even more so when the foreign visitors mistake them for call girls, but, with so much at stake, they play along to help secure the deal without giving away their true identity – or anything else!


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