Glyn Robbins

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THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW by C.S. Lewis, adapted by Glyn Robbins

DIGORY is concerned about his mother who is ill, and about his UNCLE ANDREW, who seems very strange indeed. When DIGORY and his friend POLLY are tricked by UNCLE ANDREW who turns out to be a MASTER MAGICIAN, into embarking on a series of magical adventures, they are brought into contact with the forces of evil - embodied in JADIS, a witch - and with good, in the form of ASLAN, the lion, protector of the Kingdom of Narnia. DIGORY is set a task, which he completes successfully although tempted to evil by the witch, and the safety of Narnia and the restored health of his mother are thereby ensured. All the humanity, magic and humour of the novel are captured in this masterful adaptation.

THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER C.S. Lewis, adapted by Glyn Robbins

This enthralling adaptation of one of C. S. LEWIS'S Narnian stories tells the adventures of the DAWN TREADER, a dragon-ship led by CASPIAN, king of Narnia. At his coronation, CASPIAN made the promise to search out the seven missing Lords, who, sent on a dangerous expedition across the sea beyond the Eastern Ocean, had never returned. On board are summoned LUCY, EDMUND and their bossy cousin EUSTACE who, under the guidance of ASLAN the lion, not only help CASPIAN fulfil his promise, but also learn a highly moral lesson. The story is a traditional quest and the marvels include dragons, invisible islanders and a lake that turns everything to gold.


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