Richard Ingham

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SNAKES ALIVE by Richard Ingham

A busy comedy in which computer wizard Paul’s attempts to seduce English literature tutor Olivia are interrupted by his wife, a DIY-made father-in-law, a woman anxious to stage a bring-and–buy sale, a convicted but (possibly) reformed felon in search of a lost boa constrictor, and his wife’s former lover, anxious to resume past intimacies.

An invasion of strangely dressed burglars adds to Paul’s frustrations. Violence and distress break out; a moustache begins to wander; lust rears its head and romance alters the prospects of practically everyone.

Richard Ingham’s splendid farce brings us face to face with the difficulties and delights of a collision between poetic sensibility and a leaking roof in a downstairs loo – and where is that damned snake?

SKI WHIZZ by Richard Ingham

Comedy 3M 3F (all in their 20s and 30s)

It is opening day at Ernst Edelbaum’s hotel and things are already going wrong. His English niece turns out to be Leslie, a male punk; most of his guests don’t arrive; and the hotel leasing company are about to discover that Ernst’s wife, required by the terms of the contract, doesn’t exist. As for the guests, they all have their own problems. But the hilarious farce, complete with a man in drag and indoor tobogganing ends happily at last.


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