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Freelance Writer and Playwright / Director and Actor / Teacher

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Masque School of Dance and Drama, Durban, South Africa:  Diploma in Theatre 1952.
University of Natal:  Two years in English, Philosophy, Classical Culture, Fine Arts.
Glenwood High School, Durban:  Matriculation in English (Hons), Afrikaans, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Technical Drawing, 1948.



RED IN THE MORNING                                           THE 88
GENERATIONS                                                        BEAUTIFUL FOR EVER
TELL ME YOU LOVE ME                                        THRILLER OF THE YEAR
BAY RUM                                                                   PETER PAN (MUSICAL)
OH BROTHER                                                           WOMEN AROUND
EARLY ONE MORNING                                           CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE


A KING'S STORY, Columbia Pictures.
RIVER RIVALS, Children's Film Foundation.
BINDLE, Tannsfeld Films/Rank.
A HARD LOOK AT SOFTWARE, Rank Documentary.

CLAN FRAZER, Mica Films Documentary.
CLAN MACPHERSON, Mica Films Documentary.

BATHTIME, AJT Productions Documentary (Longleat / Marquis of Bath.)


THE DOUBLE DECKERS, 20th Century Fox  (Writer and Script Editor.)




DOCTOR WHO - THE SPACE MUSEUM (Novelisation of the TV scripts above.  (Pub: W.H.Allen (Virgin Publishing) 1987.
THE DOUBLE DECKERS  (Stories from the TV series - Pan Books.)
HILDEGARDE H AND HER FRIENDS  (Children's poetry - Abydos  Publishing.)
ZETA MAGAZINE  (1st 6 Vols.)

Women Around

Cast: 2M 5WF

Set: The Drawing Room of a large Georgian Style House.


Set against a background of the swinging 60's where flower power and revolution are the key words… Suddenly the outside world descends into the drawing room of a household not yet ready to live up to the fact that history and people change very quickly. The play centres around Crispin, a young man who is totally spoilt by the adoring women of his family, each vying for the attention and affection that only he can give, while he seeks affection elsewhere. What will happen when he finds that affection in the shape of Jason, a dropout from society; will Crispin still need all these women around?

 The 88

Cast: 18M minimum 1F (v/o)

Setting:  India 1920


A rich and compelling drama tracing the tragic events of the mutiny in India in 1920 of The Connaught Rangers, the 88th of the line in which 88 mutineers were brought to trial. Seen through the eyes of Private James Daly, we see unfolding a complex story of passion and nationalist feelings amongst the Irish serving in India, which ultimately leads to the sentencing and execution of Private Daly. Based on actual events and characters ‘the 88’ gives a stark and vivid depiction of conditions and feelings of the period, it remains utterly absorbing and leaves us forever wondering about Private Daly, and the last peacetime execution of a man serving in the British Army.


Cast:  2M 3F

Set:  The common room of an Old People’s Home


Rosemary, a one time not very successful actress, much to her chagrin is committed to a home for the elderly for her own safety. Here she is befriended by a young staff member, Robert, and another resident, Walter, a burnt-out schizophrenic, and gradually comes to accept her situation in life.  The play is a poignant look at life, and love: It is tender, even romantic, with a warm sense of humour.  It is set in the 1980’s as Walter has memories of the Music Hall as a child and scenes in the play are interspersed with snatches of music hall songs sung by other residents offstage.


Cast:  4F

Set:  Kitchen / living room of a house on Route 33, Virginia, U.S.A.


Laura is getting a divorce. She has returned to her mother’s dilapidated house leaving her children in the care of a neighbour, Lindy, fearing that their father will come looking for them. Bogged down by poverty Bessie is trying to cope with life and an elderly mother and the added extra strain of Laura brings deep-seated family tensions to a head. Sharon, Bessie’s other daughter arrives to celebrate thanksgiving with the rest of the family. As they try to deal with the death of Grandmother, secrets of the past and hatreds rise to the surface and need to be confronted before they can cope as a unified family with the redneck violence and bigotry of their men folk.

Third Drawer from the Top

Cast:  4M 3F

Set:  Part of a student apartment off-campus.


A comedy that takes place in a flat occupied by students at a small Protestant University in the Mid-West of America.  They and some of their friends are visited by a professor from another college, suffering a mid-life crises and with the hots for one of the girls, a recipe for disaster if ever there was one and the inevitable chaos duly develops.

Hear the Hyena Laugh

Cast:  4M 3F

Set:  The Kitchen / Lounge area of a flat conversion, one of three in a London house.


Subtitled “A Comedy Of Manners”, the action of the play is set in the kitchen/dining area of a converted London flat during the course of a dinner party evening.  The flat is owned by a married couple, Madge and Donald.  In the flat below live a gay couple, Paul and Robin, and below them a single girl, Samantha.  The dinner is for an American couple, Dean and Tiffany, who Madge and Donald met on holiday. Donald is terrified that Paul and Robin will put in an appearance and spoil the evening.  Paul and Robin do just that but it is not they who spoil the evening.  Oh, no!  Surprises for everyone seem to be the order of the evening.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?




A light hearted comedy in which a writer, writing a stage play, invents a family that fondly parodies life set in a council house in the East End of London in the 60’s, an every day family we see as though they live in a dolls house the front of which has been opened to reveal what is going on behind closed doors! An ordinary family in which it might appear not much ever seems to happen! But, as the writer cannot keep from interfering with his creation, an ordinary family becomes anything but ordinary. Surprises are in store, at least for a few, all of which the family takes in their stride, leaving us, waiting for what the next installment could bring!

Red in the Morning

Cast:  4M 4F

Set: The conservatory of a Victorian country house.


David and Penny are off on a second honeymoon, so they are leaving their son with Grandma Evie, in her large house in the country. The household is in a state of nervous excitement awaiting their arrival, which the minor interruption of some telephone engineers, cannot dampen. Maybe the engineers shouldn’t have repaired the telephone, as the next time it rings; it’s to inform Evie, that her grandson has been kidnapped. Suspense builds as Evie has 48 hours in which to deliver the ransom money, 48 hours to discover that the kidnappers are still in fact at large in the house, and 48 hours in which to keep her secret past hidden. As the bodies pile high, who will survive this dark tale; this thrilling piece of Grand Guignol!

Beautiful Forever

Cast: 5 or 6F

Set: The back-room of Madam Leverson’s Beauty Shop at 47a New Bond Street, London


Set in 1867 it is based on an episode in the life of Madame Sarah Rachel Leverson, a complete charlatan who boasted she could make any woman no matter how plain Beautiful For Ever. Having known poverty and outlived three husbands, Madame Rachel has found a lucrative occupation she has no intention of losing. Making use of knowledge gained from one husband, a chemist’s assistant, she makes up worthless potions and elixirs, gives them romantic names, and battens on the desire of foolish, ignorant women to remain “beautiful for ever” , aided  - with increasing concern- by her eldest daughter, Leonte. The silly, simpering Mrs Borrodaile seems a prize victim, and Madame uses all her cunning to defraud her, even to the creation of a supposed titled lover. She divests her of all she possesses and even causes her to be imprisoned for debt. But at last she over reaches herself: nemeses arrives from an unexpected source, and as the play ends the shadows of retribution fall across Madame Rachel’s face.

Thriller of the Year

Cast: 5F

Set: The lounge of Gillian Howard’s London flat


Gillian Howard, a successful crime novelist, returns to her flat late at night after having received the award for the “Thriller of the Year”, to find a copy of her latest award winning book has been delivered with no note and no indication as to who it is from. As the evening unfolds, when a series of unfortunate accidents occur, she soon finds out why: someone is trying to kill her using methods from her own book! Will she be able to discover the identity of the murderer before it is too late, using her novel to stay one step ahead; she finally comes face to face with the murderer. In the last chapter of her book how did her heroine die? And will Gillian suffer the same fate!

Publ. Samuel French, re-written for America.


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